Tony Avirgan, Economic Policy Institute - (en inglés)

Dirige la red global de este respetado 'think tank' progresistas de Washington

¿Podría proponer tres medidas económicas concretas que ayuden a salir de la crisis?

Increased economic stimulus spending by governments. This is especially important in Europe where governments have been lagging behind.

Target stimulus spending to create "green economies." Take advantage of the crisis to end up with better economies than we went into it with.

Change the tax structure to crack down on off shore tax avoidance and to not reward offfshoring.

¿Podría proponer tres medidas concretas que eviten que una crisis de esta envergadura se repita en un futuro?

No bank or financial institution should be allowed to get "too big to fail."

Require banks to have higher reserves to loan ratios. In the U.S. re-institute the Glass-Stiegel Act that prohibited banks from engaging in investment services.

Create a regulatory body to keep unsafe financial products off the market.

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